Christopher Morgan | (916) 228-0820 | Sacramento, CA


B.S. in Computer ScienceUniversity of California, Davis December 2021
Key Coursework: Object Oriented Programming in Java/C++, Computer Graphics Programming, Software Engineering, Database Design and Administration with SQL, Data Structures and Algorithm Design, Computer Networking, Web App Development, Probability & Statistical Modeling in R/Python


Languages: C/C++, Java, Javascript, R, Python, HTML/CSS, SQL
Frameworks/Libraries: OpenGL, Angular, React, Bootstrap, Node.js
Tools: mySQL, PowerShell, Bash, Git CLI, SSH, Selenium, VScode

Work history

Self Employed/Online RetailSR LLC 2018 - Present
  • Reaching over 100k in sales in 2021 in a home run business. I was responsible for handling sourcing, testing and marketing strategies to sell online.
  • Wrote custom Excel sheets to manage inventory and calculate profit/loss plus custom Python applications to maintain inventory.


Logic Gate Simulator mobile App

  • On the LGS project, I worked in a team utilizing SCRUM methodology to design and build a cross platform mobile application using the codename one framework.
  • The LGS app was built to assist in the designing and simulating of digital logic circuits.
  • My role in the project was to conceptionalize the UI design and implement certain logic circuits.
  • In terms of functional correctness and usefulness, our product much exceeded comparable programs.

RPN Calculator mobile app.

  • The RPN Calculator app was programmed in Java using the codename one framework.
  • The app was designed to emulate an typical reverse polish notation calculator but without the hardware limitations (finite stack).
  • My role within the group was implement key business logic operations in addition to overall UI design in using codename one's css integration.

Simple Shell

  • For this project I was tasked with implementing a simple shell in linux using the C language.
  • This program goes through four main stages. First, it gets the next command from stdin. Next, it parses the string and organizes the data in a command struct. That struct is then used to execute. Finally, the return of the executed programs are collected and printed to stdout.
  • Project was graded among the 95th percentile in the class.

Web Scraping and Bidding Python application

  • Utilizing selenium for Python, this application monitors to make purchases automatically without user input.
  • Functionality includes allowing different users to log in and define URLs for products that should be monitored or purchased.
  • Project was successful in significantly increasing inventory levels of my business, all while maximizing profit margins.